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Reskilling is learning the skills that our ancestors, who lived their lives closer to the earth, knew so well. These skill sets enable us to build resilient communities together. As we learn from each other and share our respective talents and knowledge, we build community networks of talent within the local living economy and have fun in the process. We regain the confidence that comes with becoming more self-reliant. Links are established between generations as the old skills are passed down to younger generations.

Reskilling sessions might include: organic gardening, food preservation, fermentation, handspun and naturally died fibers, keeping chickens, keeping bees, fixing bikes, food foraging, tracking and wilderness survival, raw food diet, sewing, critical thinking, map reading, weather forecasting, seed saving, conflict resolution, drawing, ecological design, biodynamics, soil testing, greywater harvesting, grafting.

What are your ideas?

None of this can happen unless you make it happen and get involved, so if you have a skill you would like to share, let us know and get ready to be heard!