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TEND THE EARTH also partners with other organizations to build community resilience and establish sustainable educational projects. At the core of these projects is the intention to foster and encourage education around sustainable practices and an awareness of and a deep connection to Nature. As we transition from the current unsustainable paradigm to more local resilient communities, TEND THE EARTH continues to partner and co-create activities and projects that raise consciousness around cultivating local resilience.

Water Catchment Workshop:  

Mike and Marianna Burrett of TEND THE EARTH facilitated an afternoon workshop consisting of lecture/films and practicum that was offered at One Light in Mariposa, CA. on rainwater catchment (active). Rainwater harvesting and above ground storage were the focus for the afternoon, with hands on experience offered as water catchment system was constructed using mostly recycled/repurposed parts.  The water collected is intended for irrigation of the organic garden at One Light Bed and Breakfast. This simple design is intended to inspire and educate others to install rain water harvesting/water catchment systems own, and to raise awareness of the importance of water conservation.


Community Project:

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TEND THE EARTH, as a project of community service, designed and helped to install an organic food garden for the children of the BOYS AND GIRLS Club in Oakhurst, CA. This inspirational garden was designed specifically to create awareness of sustainability practices by teaching organic gardening and permaculture practices, ethics and principles to children and staff at this after school care program. Curriculum and lesson plans with relevant, engaging activities were also provided.

Read the Boys and Girls Club "Summer Reflections" article in our Blog.

Gallery: Boys and Girls Club of Oakhurst Construction

Gallery: Boys and Girls Club of Oakhurst Harvest

Community Outreach:

Ever Better Community

Pictured here from L to R: Marianna Burrett (Tend The Earth), Meg Koeppen ( Desert Bounty ) and Trudy Williams ( The Chrysalis Institute ) at "Ever Better Community".

Pictured here from L to R: Marianna Burrett (Tend The Earth), Meg Koeppen (Desert Bounty) and Trudy Williams (The Chrysalis Institute) at "Ever Better Community".

TEND THE EARTH was invited to share an information table at “ Ever Better Community” with the Chrysalis Institute of Mariposa, CA. in March of 2012. The “Ever Better Community” conference was/is the project of a group of concerned citizens who wanted to create a space where residents could join in a county-wide discussion about our community values and structures. The idea was to invite Mariposians to reflect on the kind of community they want, to better understand the help that is available to those in need, and to get more involved in new and long-standing initiatives designed to enhance the community.”

Three Springs Intentional Community (Harvest Celebration)


Three Springs Harvest Festival includes info sharing, reskilling, friends, food and music!