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Oakhurst, CA 93644
United States


Plant List

Plant list as of 2018

Food forest perrenials:

3currants wilder

16 rasberry  heritage

3 blueberry: duke

3 blueberry:

5 blackberries:  black satin

4 boysenberries:

Apple tree:  gravenstein

Almond tree:  non pareil

Almond tree: Texas mission

Almond tree: All-in-One

1 Peach tree (gifted)

Note: fruit tree guilds are planted with comfrey, globe artichokes, daffodil bulbs, and flax with intent to cover crop in fall while adding in more guild plants, herbs and bulbs.


Pumpkins, melon vines, tomatoes (variety), peppers, squash, sunflowers


Plant list 2018 cont.

Vineyard/Paula’s Path and arbor

4 concord grape

9 thompson seedless

3 red grapes

5 black mulkona grapes

5 blackberry thornless

2 apple trees:  fuji

Strawberries:  sequoia in wine barrels

Herb fairy garden: oregano, tarragon, rosemary, catnip, creeping thyme, mint, Echinacea, borage, parsley, basil, dill, marigold flowers too!

Raised bed garden

Root crops/greens include:

Potato, russet

Carrot, Nantes

Garlic, purple stripe hard neck

Onion, yellow

Arugula/ salad blends/French sorrel/ garlic chives

Kale, dinosaur & Russian

Swiss chard, fantasia

Plant list for 2018 cont.

Sun garden:  fruit trees and annuals

2 Nectarine trees:  fantasia

1 pear tree: Bartlett

1 plum tree:  Santa Rosa

1 cherry tree

1 fig tree gifted

Herb spiral with oregano, tarragon, thyme,  valerian, sage, chamomile, chia, dill, Echinacea, black cumin, basil and much more.  

Flower borders and bird bath area sown with bee mix and song bird mix on perimeter to attract beneficials and pollinators. Sunflowers, hollyhocks, borage, silver clary and white sage border.

Strawberries: sequoia /variety from OAEC

Peas: sugar snap

Beans: blue lake bush

Squash:  black beauty zucchini, yellow crookneck

Tomato: Julia Childs, Italian Ice, Marianna’s Peace, Russian red.

Cucumber: sumpter

Melons: cantelope





14 fruit and nut trees

37 berry canes/bushes

21 grape canes